Craen ar y Lleuad

Record Tracklist

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And here we are, in 2019. About 15 years since we first started rehearsing together in Myfyr’s parents’ house.

Is there anything left?

The band still loves to create and record music, and even manages to play live (occasionally). I (Conor) have one ambition left – that my children can see Plant Duw play live in the Llanrwst Eisteddfod this year. So we’ll have to keep going until then, at least!

So, here is our latest release. It’s true that this is a very old song – recorded originally for Huw Stephens’ C2 session in 2006. But we were never really satisfied with the recording, and felt regret that we had missed out on releasing what we felt was a really good tune.

We recorded this at the same sessions as our album Tangnefedd in Stiwdio Un, Rachub, with Sam Durrant. He has done lovely work, as usual, and we really appreciate the hard work he does to fit around the chaotic schedule of the most spread out band in Wales. Sam understands the feeling that we try to achieve on each track, working with him is always a pleasure, and we are by now honoured to call him a good pal.

The vibe is different to the songs on Tangenefedd, since this a track that stands on its own. I can’t, for the life of me, remember its influences nor creating it. I do think that this is one of the first tracks Sean ever played on, many moons (boom boom) ago, and I think you’ll agree that the cornet sounds sweet as here.

It’s pretty obvious what the song is about. One man wants to go to the moon to help build the houses, ready for when the human race has to leave the Earth, once and for all. But is he crazy? Or a hero? Who knows what anything is, these days. Check out the video here, a special thanks to my wife (Louise) for having the patience to film me pratting about with a colander on my head.

I must say that this is one of my favourite, if not my very favourite, of all of Plant Duw’s songs. Halfway through the heavy bit, when Myf starts smacking the snare twice, we are rocking, and nothing else exists. Except for the Crane on the Moon.

Love, Punk and Soul to all xxx